Why Doesn’t My School Offer That?

Maybe it does… Segment One in a (hopeful) series

You’ve probably read, shared, or at least scrolled past the headline of an article featuring a radically fun and interesting class, and you’ve probably wondered, “Why doesn’t MY school have anything like this?” The truth is, Columbus State University does offer modern, hands-on, intriguing, and downright cool classes; you might just be looking in the wrong places!

“Interactive Media Production-” what does that even mean, and to what major at CSU could that possibly apply? Interactive Media Production is a general requirement for all communications majors. As described on the CSU website, this class is designed to “introduce students to digital media production and communication in the context of comprehensive communication campaigns, focusing on the use of design, production, and delivery of multimedia communication in publishing, broadcasting, public relations and advertising.”

This is totally fine and dandy, but what’s so great about it, and what does it mean? In this course, students create YouTube channels, design segments or episodes for their channels, produce and record said episodes, and are finally graded on their channels’ views, likes, comments, and followers. Students across the nation use YouTube as a social media platform, making channels and videos for literally anything and everything; not only does this class sound fun and relevant, but it can help students understand how to use social media to market or gather user information to better a product or service.

When asked how she enjoyed this class and what she took out of it, junior and communications major Ashanti Jeff-Mapp said, “I loved being able to film creatively as I pleased. My video editing skills are also a lot better.” She added, “I never used a camera in that class. I filmed most videos on my phone, and the professors teach you that- that it's not the camera that determines how good your video is going to be. It depends on you and how you film.”

Filming equipment is also provided for students. At the Nonprofit and Civic Engagement Center, located in Carpenters Hall on the RiverPark campus, students can rent 4k cameras, tripods, microphone equipment and the like. Several editing programs are available on the Macs provided in Dillingham Place, also located on the RiverPark campus. This course does come with a prerequisite requirement though, so make sure you complete an Area F communications course before trying to get in on this one!

Are you taking or have you taken a dope class at CSU? Email me at lauriault_maria@columbusstate.edu and tell me more!

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